On Twitter today we have…

@ClarisaSeymoure What do you call cheese that isn’t yours? Nacho Cheese

Dated joke. May start tally.

@TeenieMURDERS Hot cheetoes with nacho cheese : )

Potential euphemism for killing under 19s

@itiscaroline Anyone wants a Nacho? Maybe I got a few too much… I prefer men with a beard for these…

Translation: I’d like a nacho, but does anyone with a beard want one? (It’s quite syntactically confused)

@EllieKent87Saw SO much poo and sick today. It was everywhere. FYI baby diarrhea smells like nacho cheese.

Thanks for that.

@5star_SDB Nacho’s v Omlets lol

Maybe she meant umlauts. In which case Nachos would still win.


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