Happy Pancake Day

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to make pancakes. If someone would like to potentially come round to Nacho HQ and make me some, that’d be great. In the meantime…

Scotch Pancake Nachos

UD - Scotch Pancake NachosNachos.

Your best friend. Your confidante. Your co-conspirator.

And now: your booze-soaked breakfast buddy.

Say hello to Scotch Pancake Nachos, the greatest thing to hit your morning since bourbon Cheerios, now available at Poe’s Kitchen at the Rattlesnake [this is an American recipe. Obviously- NT]

Why it took the universe so long to combine these ruggedly delicious foodstuffs, we’re not quite sure. It all starts with a regular pancake (the basic building block of most crazy breakfasts). Then a pile of battered tortilla chips is affixed to a flapjack with the help of a housemade tequila cream cheese. And upon this is dropped a trifecta of chorizo-applewood bacon, blood-orange salsa and spicy Guadalajara butter-scrambled eggs.

And since we’re talking pancakes here, all of this receives a generous bath of maple syrup and maple-infused Macallan Scotch.

…. Well thank you Urban Daddy for making my (Shrove Tues) day.



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