Cinema Nacho Experience

Upon wondering whether or not to buy nachos at the cinema I’m about to go to (fascinating opening to a post, I know) I was alerted to this by way of warning. It’s an excerpt from a friend of The Nacho Times, Cian Agnew, and his (horrific) experience with Cinema Chos. Put me right off living, let alone going to the cinema.

Necessary Scene Setting: A really annoying experience with completely inept cinema staff. Read the full blogpost entitled “All I wanted was to see Invictus” here

“…But I worried not. I decided to cheer myself up by getting a massive tub of nachos. Also it was a pleasure to see Phil at work, especially after watching two shaved dogs try and run a ticket desk.

I went up to the food counter and was greeted by a friendly enough bloke who looked a bit like a slighty over inflated sex doll. I asked him for nachos. I saw him pour some Doritos into a plastic tub and chuck on some jalepenos. He then turned to me and asked ‘would you like cheese, relish or sour cream?’ I told him I wanted cheese. He then asked ‘both of them?’


Why would he ask ‘both of them’ after giving me 3 options? I reasoned it could mean one of two things. Either;

A) He thinks I’ve ordered 2 bowls on nachos


B) There’s two types of cheese, eg Edam and Brie.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I panicked a bit. So much rumbling through my mind, so I just said ‘yes’.

I got two pots of yellow goo, one hot and one cold. As I walked to the designated screen I saw the girl from till 3 walk out of the ladies drying her hands.

And the film was shit.”

I think we can all agree that this is not good nacho etiquette. I might not bother with the Cinema Chos after all because I have a feeling it will only make me want to throw things.

Oh, I’m going to see Submarine by the way. Yeah, cool.