This week’s Mental People Tweeting About Nachos roundup.

@BJC_HealthCare: It’s Opening Day at Busch Stadium! If you plan on munching on nachos and hot dogs, remember to use moderation. (there’s always one who ruins it)

@iwashedmyhair: Things that are never sexy to ear: nachos, buffalo wings and burritos (I presume she meant eat. Or maybe not.)

@iPrettyvanity: It’s Brownie && Nachos day #yumm :)) (Inadvisable unless she’s referring to eighteen sash-wearing eleven year-olds who congregate in church halls every Sunday)

@magestik_vi48 Nachos! mmmm nom nom nom nom (nom? for god’s sake. I’m glad you like nachos, but please get bent)

@AGaelicGirl Pepperjack nachos before bed. Tis all I’m sayin’… Nancy (Yes Nancy. It’s all he’s saying. Are you listening Nancy? Nancy?)

@BigBennyRadio: Yeah…I know baseball has great fans, but I’m not one of them. I dig Isotopes games, but only for BBQ nachos & beer…LOL! (AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH)  


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