Covent Garden Nacho Offence x 2

OK it’s probably unfair to include this in the Ultimate London Nacho quest, but considering it said “nachos” on the menu, and considering I thought “oh maybe Covent Garden can redeem itself after the HNE (Horrid Nacho Experience) of The Nags Head” I’m putting it in regardless.

Place: The Coffee Bar (opposite Dirty Martinis) Covent Garden

£7.95 is quite steep  especially when the chips tasted  cheap and the guacamole of nothing but texture. I want to taste food. I don’t want to feel it. That’s what cats are for. You know, cat feeling and that.

Anyway, me and my fellow part-Nachoist decided this was an example of misleading advertising. A definite case of Notchos. In fact I’m not even going to give it a rating in the event of it undermining the entire point of the Ultimate London Nacho quest. It’s as relevant as if I were to review cat textures.

Ultimate London Nacho? The wine was quite nice. Anyone seen Submarine yet? I quite fancy it. Looks funny. Erm.


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