Doritos Nacho Cheese Sauce

Yes, it’s been on the shelves for a while now, but it nicely kicks off a new running feature we’re going to call: HELLO, I’M ON YOUR NACHOS (reviewing all the things you can, well, put on your nachos)

Kicking off proceedings is the Nacho Cheese Dip from Doritos (£1.98 from ASDA)

Why bother opening two separate sauces and grating some cheese when you can use just one? Just one artery clogging, everything-mixed-in-together death sauce? Doritos are flogging this all-in-one “nacho cheese” sauce, presumably for the incredibly lazy, or arm-less. Except you still have to open it, so perhaps for those with chronic arm fatigue.

It’s not actually a death sauce, it’s  quite nice. However at Nacho Times we do not believe that the Big Four can be condensed into just one. Or compromised in any way. That’s why we recommend you use Nacho Cheese Dip in place of your usual soured cream, guacamole, or as an addition to all four.

As an addition, it’s fine. I mean, it tastes as artificial and vaguely bizarre as any liquid cheese poured into a tub and flavoured with nondescript mexican spices is going to taste. But it’s quite tasty in small quantities. Just don’t get overly excited or anything.

2 thoughts on “Doritos Nacho Cheese Sauce

  1. Lol, I just got some, had a teaspoon of it, and though it was gross… But never the less I will try it in small amounts tommorow as I would have officially finished school!

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