Nacho/Notcho artwork

Just got tweeted the following by Sam Gray (twitter handle: @samsbit so follow him). The Nacho Times is not particularly good at web-based design (as you can probably see from the current, y’know, design) but in the meantime, LOOK AT THEM:

Aren’t they utterly stonking?


Taco Bell Introduce “Doritos Taco Locos”

American chain Taco Bell have  begun testing tacos with shells made from nacho-flavoured Doritos.
They’re called the Doritos Taco Locos, like Ricky Martin’s 1999 smash hit but with more Loco(a) and less Camp Gyration. But Ricky aside, what’s going on? Nacho flavoured tacos isn’t wrong, it’s just a bit… incestuous. Like making a toast sandwich. Or mixing ketchup and HP sauce. Or getting it on with a blood relative. has video footage of a customer testing out this nacho-taco hybrid and apparently it’s quite good. Which is what cousins who marry say. Incest aside, this does show how advanced and gutsy the Americans are, nachoally, compared with us. The UK needs to be a bit more ballsy. Treat the cho like a blank canvas waiting to be splattered with, y’know, interesting things. But is interbreeding the way forward? Personally, before anyone gets creative, I think the UK should start focussing on perfecting the art of making normal nachos (thinly veiled dig at nacho quality in Britain).

In the meantime, here’s some light-hearted humour from twitter:

@Katharyn Hodgkins: What do you call cheese that isn’t yours? Nacho Cheese



This week’s Mental People Tweeting About Nachos roundup.

@BJC_HealthCare: It’s Opening Day at Busch Stadium! If you plan on munching on nachos and hot dogs, remember to use moderation. (there’s always one who ruins it)

@iwashedmyhair: Things that are never sexy to ear: nachos, buffalo wings and burritos (I presume she meant eat. Or maybe not.)

@iPrettyvanity: It’s Brownie && Nachos day #yumm :)) (Inadvisable unless she’s referring to eighteen sash-wearing eleven year-olds who congregate in church halls every Sunday)

@magestik_vi48 Nachos! mmmm nom nom nom nom (nom? for god’s sake. I’m glad you like nachos, but please get bent)

@AGaelicGirl Pepperjack nachos before bed. Tis all I’m sayin’… Nancy (Yes Nancy. It’s all he’s saying. Are you listening Nancy? Nancy?)

@BigBennyRadio: Yeah…I know baseball has great fans, but I’m not one of them. I dig Isotopes games, but only for BBQ nachos & beer…LOL! (AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH)  


On Twitter today we have…

@ClarisaSeymoure What do you call cheese that isn’t yours? Nacho Cheese

Dated joke. May start tally.

@TeenieMURDERS Hot cheetoes with nacho cheese : )

Potential euphemism for killing under 19s

@itiscaroline Anyone wants a Nacho? Maybe I got a few too much… I prefer men with a beard for these…

Translation: I’d like a nacho, but does anyone with a beard want one? (It’s quite syntactically confused)

@EllieKent87Saw SO much poo and sick today. It was everywhere. FYI baby diarrhea smells like nacho cheese.

Thanks for that.

@5star_SDB Nacho’s v Omlets lol

Maybe she meant umlauts. In which case Nachos would still win.