Nacho Glossary

Important words and phrases used throughout The Nacho Times, and indeed the world of Nachos, alongside their meanings.

Antinacho Chos so bad they provoke feelings of deep rage and/or sadness

Bald Chos Chos without sauce due to paucity of relish.

Big Four, The Salsa, sour cream, jalapenos and guacamole

Candid Chos Non commercial, private chos captured in their natural habitat

Cheese Adhesive Solidified cheese caused by over-exuberant microwaving.

Cho Plain The spread of bald chos upon a plate waiting to be relished.

Cho A single tortilla chip laden with relish

Devolved Chos The instance whereby a restaurant changes its chos, and they are significantly worse than before.

Glooped Chos When the chos become soggy in consistency due to zealous baking.

Golden Triangles Tortilla chips

GuacaNO Very bad guacamole

HCF (acronym) The Holy Cho Fountain, or, the act of eating nachos. As in: “Hey guys I’m just taking a dip in the Holy Cho Fountain.”

HNE (acronym) a Horrid Nacho Experience

Ideal Distribution The act of distributing relish in small blobs, dotted around the cho plain.

Mass Clumping an undesirable side effect of Cheese Adhesive (see Cheese Adhesive)

Nachiquette Nacho etiquette. Obviously.

Nachoist A nacho enthusiast

Notchoes Chips and dip, or any other foodstuff that contains elements of chos, but are not chos.

Tweecho tweets involving chos

ULN The Ultimate London Nacho

3 thoughts on “Nacho Glossary

  1. Please find the ULN soon. Then inform me as to its whereabouts.
    P.S. I read this blog religiously. It’s super. xx

  2. This is extremely funny. I’m chuckling away, something I haven’t done in a long time. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face.


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