Summer Nachos

Summer! I hear you cry. Summer is not for hot cheese covered chos! No! It’s for salads and smoothies and ice creams and cold things so if we accidentally spill a morsel, the result is more than pleasurable! In fact it’s very rarely accidental! WE ALWAYS THROW COLD FOOD ON OURSELVES OK AND IT’S PERFECTLY NORMAL AND YOU CAN’T DO THIS IF THE FOOD IS HOT (I.E. NACHOS)

Fine, I can see things from other people’s perspectives so I’ll run with it. Whatever you’re reason for preferring colder food in the summer, whether it’s to cool down from the inside out or more directly, through rubbing yourself with iced goods, there’s a cho for all occasions.

Summer Nachos.

Unfortunately due to a technical fault, there can be no pictures to accompany this post. I’ll just have to weave images with my words. Luckily I’m a wordsmith so, here goes:

1. Loads of those scotch pancake things cut into nacho shapes with ice cream and fudge sauce on top. By “scotch pancake things” I mean, of course, “scotch pancakes.”

2. Lettuce leaves with salsa and soured cream and cheese. Inadvisable. Tastes like Gwyneth Paltrow.

3. Sliced mango with fruit compote and bits of banana on it. Refreshing and very tasty in a saintly sort of way. Doesn’t go well with salsa. Probably whap out some yoghurt (vanilla flavour if possible)

4. Nachos… but cold. The cheese isn’t even melted or anything. I know. Lock up all seven of your sons.

5. Trifle. Okay so it’s not nachos but neither is anything else I’ve listed.

This is all very nice, and yeah it tasted great, but if it’s not hot, covered in cheese and doesn’t contain the big four, then it’s a Notcho.

So stop moaning and go and throw some gazpacho down your top or whatever it is you people do. Then eat some proper nachos.

(Image from this lovely blog where a girl posts a picture a day every day to describe her life. Aaaah)


Kettle Chips- Jalapeno Chilli Flavour

Okay so it’s less a HELLO I’M ON YOUR NACHOS review and more HELLO I COULD POTENTIALLY BE THE BACKBONE OF YOUR NACHOS DISH review, but either way these Jalapeno Chilli Kettle Chips (£1.79 at Sainsbury’sblew my mouth out through the back of my head.

I.e. they are hot. And not just your gran “ooh that’s a bit spicy” hot either. They also taste  distinctly of jalapenos which is bizarrely a plus, and for some reason it seems to work. The flavour is uncomplicated enough to add  a nice twist to some homemade chos.

To avoid complaints  from those with delicate palates/wimps, make sure you don’t scrimp on the soured cream, and  turn the salsa down to medium setting so nobody sets themselves on fire. It’s all fun and games till someone’s aflame.

Thumbs up from us though.