Guactacular 2011

Nacho’s are Lee Frank’s thing. One third of NYC based site Nachos NY, Lee and his happy band of hombres are hosting their third annual ‘Guactacular’ event in Brooklyn next month and it’s just as mental as it sounds. Free beer. Live music. Competitors trying to out-guac each other with cash prizes and, of course, free chos for all. They put the UK nacho scene to shame.

Lee, how much of a Nachoist are you?

I try to eat nachos at least twice a week but unfortunately, with all the nachos we’ve eaten, we’ve basically covered all the areas I am normally in so I now need to go out of my way for them. Nachos NY is at about 2.5 years now. I probably spend about 10-12 hours a week doing all sorts of stuff on the site…

So a large one then. Large enough to host a full-scale Nachofest in Brooklyn…

For the first Guactacular (2009), we had no idea who was coming, there was no tickets. We listed it on the site, thinking that maybe 100 people would come and we were happy with that. And then the word got out and probably like 350 people showed up. That was incredible.

And how did you go about organising it?

I used to work for Flavorpill, a NY-based culture and events site and we wanted to do a photoshoot for Cinco de Mayo and I suggested a guac-off between some of the editors. I then decided we needed a space and Heather D at the Bell House gladly provided the front room for us.

You definitely don’t find the same calibre of guac maniacs in London. Or nachos, for that matter.

I haven’t eaten them, I’d love to be enlightened to the differences! [In terms of Guac] I like to make it simple. Avocados, lime, jalapenos, red onions, tomatoes, and salt. But I love to eat it with other crazy things involved like pomegranate, mango, pineapple.

Lee Frank, Nacho Times salutes you. Not only do you bring avocado based bashes to Brooklyn but you also eat pomegranate guacamole.  For those living the American Dream, get on down to Guactacular 2011 on May 8 and best of luck to all competitors.