Things That Look Like Chos

#3 A sea mark/navigation aid nowhere near the sea (furtive bald cho)

Big yellow triangle

Found in Cei-Bach, Wales (source here) and thanks to a tip-off from the prolific @garyk01 we bring you this giant, potentially fugitive cho. There’s something sinister about this, but can’t quite figure out what it is.


That’s Nacho Tee Shirt, It’s Mine (Yawn)

It’s official: Nachos are not conducive to stylish clothing. If you want to get involved in Nacho High Couture the options are limited. And slogan based.

The I Have No Imagination Option

The I Have No Imagination But I Am A Slightly Edgier (And Possessive) Person Option

The I Clicked The Wrong Link Option

The I Can Link Words And Images Appropriately Option

The I Cannot Link Words And Images Appropriately Option

The Old Joke Option 1 (Sassy Independent “YOU TELL ‘EM GIRL” Woman)

The Old Joke Option 2 (Sympathetic/dull)

The Retro Option

The Vaguely Disturbed Retro Option

Just Vaguely Disturbed

All tee shirts can be, erm, bought by clicking on the images. it takes you straight to the “shop” they’ve been “designed” for.

No Woman, No Nacho.

The minute they put the nachos on the table, everybody becomes an enemy because there’s all different kinds of nachos. Do you ever see those naked ones around the perimeter? Then, there’s that one big Powerball nacho that somehow is connected to all the other nachos on the plate — it’s like the Kevin Bacon of nachos.

– Bob Marley (source here)

(Yes, Bob Marley was a friend of Kevin Bacon. I don’t see what the problem is)

That’s Nacho Joke, It’s Mine

Here is today’s tortilla-flavoured gag of the day. Unfortunately it’s racist but, hey, I’m a collator of news. Not a machinator. I also just made that word up.

A wife sends her husband to the local market for Cheese. The husband goes to the market and sees this block of cheese rolling down the street so he picks it up and takes it home to his wife. His wife asks him what the hell kind of cheese is this. “Nacho cheese” the man replies. She says “Nacho cheese, how do you know this is nacho cheese?” The man replies, “the little black boy running behind me saying ‘that’s nacho cheese, that’s nacho cheese!”

The only way is up in terms of comedic nacho humour. Christ.