Ultimate London Nacho: The George Inn

Place: The George Inn, London Bridge

If you want a bit of Shard with your chos, then The George can’t be beaten. Mainly because it’s next to The Shard. At £5.95, the chef was clearly enthusiastic about the jalapenos, but not much else. The whole experience was so dull I will have to use tenuous similes to liven things up. 

They were similar to how I imagine licking The Shard would be like. Yeah, it looks good but it’s a bit cold. And tasteless. And a building.

At first glance the Big Four distribution is damn good. The salsa was Saint Paul’s Cathedral, actually. The sour cream was, as ever, St Pauls tube station. Absolutely necessary, but you’re never going to get overly excited about it because it’s sour cream. The guacamole was a back alley in Whitechapel. It should be fine, because it’s in east London and that’s cool, yeah? But it’s dodgy. You can’t escape that. 

Add that to the non-existent cheese, and the fact the chos were cold, resulting in Mass Clumping due to Cheese Adhesive and you’ve got a dish that can only ever provoke the words “yeah” and “alright” and “oh I can’t separate each individual, cheaply made tortilla chip and my mouth is cold and the guac tastes like Whitechapel”

All in all, a fairly dull experience.

Ultimate London Nacho? No. So run-of-the-mill I had to talk about tube stations 2.5/5